Lisa Popplewell

Company: American Express

Lisa Popplewell is Director of Enterprise Agility who leads Executives and Product Managers through the cultural, organizational, and practice-driven changes needed to collaborate at scale effectively. Lisa has been active within the  Agile space for over 12 years where she has served in a variety of roles throughout the product development and delivery lifecycle including Scrum Master, Product Owner/Manager and Enterprise Agile Coach.

As a change agent within a complex organization, Lisa brings a full spectrum of knowledge in her delivery methodologies and understands trust is foundational when implementing lasting transformation. Through leadership by example, Lisa is able to build teams of people who understand where to focus their work to generate the most value.

Lisa is consistently recognized as a very passionate and successful change agent and is seen as a leader with an overwhelming capacity to motivate and mobilize people on their path to continuous improvement.  She is a captivating speaker with consistent positive feedback on her ability to relate to and energize an audience.