Natalie Divney2

Company: Agile Portfolio Strategist

As a former director and chief agilist, Natalie utilized her collaborative and innovative leadership style to drive Continuous Improvement across an organization. Natalie led her agilist community to enable an environment that supported predictable delivery across the entire portfolio by defining the continuous improvement strategic roadmap and meaningful and measurable metrics.

She is a gifted people leader, one that supports and develops a culture of continuous learning. She is passionate about team building and motivation; an influencer and a quick study, who can pick up complex nuances that enable her and her team to problem solve at a rapid rate in today’s fast paced climate.

Natalie is a change agent at heart with extensive experience in organizational transformation who ensures business agility and outcomes are at the forefront of her initiatives. She specializes in leading change through collaboration, applying organizational design, program development, organizational readiness and change management, all the while keeping her end-game focus on delivering business value and creating high performing organizations where work is fun!