Company: NeuEon Inc

Scott Weiner is a practice manager at NeuEon, Inc where he helps develop servant-leaders and drive organizational change. He has helped hundreds of companies improve their technology, processes and overall business strategies. He provides strategic guidance to entrepreneurs and executives and teams at multi-billion dollar organizations looking to create and use technology more effectively in highly competitive environments. Scott is a recognized expert in organizational transformation. He is an experienced leader who has an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for managing people, processes and business strategies that are geared toward seeing the optimal results for clients.

Over the past twenty-five years Scott has provided vision and leadership in roles such as CEO, CTO, VP Product, VP Engineering, VP Professional Services across a variety of industries including financial services, insurance, healthcare, education and technology industries. Throughout these industries and roles, Scott’s expertise spans a variety of technologies and methodologies and he also has extensive experience in process development and refinement. His insights and guidance has been relied on by dozens of CEOs, investors and hundreds of software teams, product organizations including many in the Fortune 500.

He has built multi-million dollar consulting, training and software technology companies. Scott has more than 15 year’s experience in mobile technology, experience developing and managing SaaS and enterprise applications in healthcare, financial, insurance, manufacturing, distribution, and education industries.

Scott is also an advocate and leader for small businesses, having been a co-founder of ParentsWithApps, a coalition that brought together thousands of small educational businesses. He also coaches and mentors at the Hult Prize, a multi-national social impact business competition where he has coached teams to million dollar prizes and helped them launch successful businesses. Scott also meets regularly with the United States Congress and federal agencies to discuss technology policies that impact small businesses.